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If you have won, or are winning the money game, and you sense there is much more at play, here, in the earth human experience... you’re right.


If you want to discover and participate in what that "more" is, get yourself On Tour.


"For those who ask, 'What else is there?' This is it."

Where am I now?

Where would I prefer to be?

Who must I become to get there?

Beyond [Life] Coaching

Nobody coaches LIFE. Life doesn't need any coaching. LIFE [ALREADY] IS ITSELF.

Life is where now & here are functioning.

I am here to remind you to remember.

Are you ready to remember the FUN of YOU?



I offer no set program, because you are already programmed. I guide from where you are now.

I offer no playbook because, ultimately, you are the game that needs changing.

The Game is changed in Conversation.

 You share. I listen. We synthesize.

You transform.

Now & Here

You may be finding yourself thinking about investing in some sort of guidance and/or support to enhance your well being, create or improve a relationship, and/or advance a societal or cultural motive.

This is good thinking, although it's not the whole of it.

Whatever your goal or desired outcome, I assure you there is something more.

Your life experience will change when you allow it an opening...

Transformation is a journey

You will be challenged to look at yourself and your whole life experience differently.

You will begin to perceive anew, and observe a new perspective of yourself.


You will become what you’ve always wanted to be, whether you've been particularly aware of this desire, or not.


I don't really do social media.

I am found thru my work.

I can be emailed directly,

Or, for inquiries into guidance beyond what is described here, there is the form below:

You Are Appreciated!

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