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A nowhere tourist is someone who appreciates the value of Awareness, Beauty, and Creativity, and seeks to experience more of this in their lives.


A nowhere tourist values self awareness as a super-power that one may use to serve others, and invests in being amidst others who share these types of values.

Where To Begin?

Our summer tour experience in the coastal Grand Traverse is typically a one day introduction to The Nowhere Tour; what it is, why it exists, and how we play. 


We visit locations of natural wonder, enjoy good food and drink, and share the simple pleasure of Aware Intentional Conversation, where we can begin to learn about each other, and whether The Nowhere Tour is a win/Win/WIN eXperience for YOU.


It is during this introduction to Nowhere, what we call, A DAY OF YOU, that we share some of The Inner Game of Touring Nowhere, and how and why it benefits those who PLAY from now/here.

"For those who ask, 'What else is there?' This is it."
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