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The Nowhere Touring eXperience

THIS is the travel eXperience of the nowhere tour. It is the LIVE, In Person, interactive enhancement to the nowhere tour Conversation eXperience. Within FUNctional Travel Touring we recognize the nature of the YOUniverse and begin to realize our potentiality within it, in real time. This is where we put the FUN into functional being.


These Travel eXperiences integrate nowhere tour insights into the day-to-day to co-create eXperiences of Awe & Wonder.  Therein we find A-HA! Moments that help you to bring forth and/or draw out your unique brilliance. 


My name is Joe Wilkinson.  

I guide a Conversation eXperience called The Nowhere Tour. These eXperiences allow my clients to enter into and perceive a paradigm where their challenges are dissolved. Perceiving from this different perspective allows them to return to FUNctionality (I intentionally use that term with a capital F.U.N.). And, in FUNctionality they are capable of achieving their authentically desired outcomes. 

My name is Melissa Kramer.

I take The Nowhere Tour out into the world, with FUNctional Inneractive Travel eXperiences. These events more deeply seat you into your immediate experience and ongoing functionality. These events are the living breathing activation of you, re-experiencing YOU. These are the functional adventures of Touring Nowhere!* I will assist you to eXtraOrdinate your nowhere tour travel eXperience. I look forward to seeing you, “out there,” On Tour.


What is this?

The nowhere tour is a different way of experiencing how to get where you wish to go. The nowhere tour will take you into places of observation where you begin to see it only takes a shift in perspective and perceiving to liberate yourself from your own self imposed limitations. The nowhere tour will show you a way of considering your experience as transformative and agreeable, where you may exercise your authentic creativity, at ease, and in flow. The nowhere tour is the guided journey, from where you find yourself now, to where you truly want to be. 




Big Sur v.1


Back in 2016, we took our first nowhere tours. An epic multi-day coastal tour of Big Sur, HWY 1, from LAX to SFO. Melissa loved it (as one should), and she said, “What’s next?”

We had mutual friends who suggested we look into Tulum, Mexico. As it turned out, we returned there multiple times over the next couple years. The local’s there are quick to respond to friendly interaction, and that just makes the fun-o-meter bounce upward.


We returned to The (231), of course, for “Summer.” 



St. Thomas

Costa Rica

The following year, in February, we headed down to The Islands; St.Thomas AVI (Water Island), to be precise, still chasing that Catamaran Tour idea. And, in doing so, we ended up on a trimaran with just 3 others, the Captain, & his 1st mate. We sailed into the rainiest day of our time there, and I snorkeled with sea turtles until my feet blistered, literally. It was f*cking amazing. (And that started, the whole “snorkel from Catamaran’s” thing, but that’s an expanded story for later).

After that, It was time for Melissa to eXperience “The Bocas Tour,” into Costa Rica BaseCamp. It was a (r)evolutionary eXperience for her… and it revealed an A-Ha Moment:


“Traveling shows us that while all people appear different on the outside, we are all strikingly similar on the inside, experiencing thoughts and emotions, and having desires for happiness and well being. The human connection we find with people of different geo-locales inspires engagement, and energizes compassion, in real time. Travel, aware travel, can have transformational effects that one does not even consciously recognize are happening, even while they are occurring. These effects can be profound, and create differences in our future experience(s), as these effects FUNction at the subconscious level without our need to intentionally apply them.” - nowhere tour 





  1. Become a nowhere tour participant (not a tourist, an engaged pARTicipant)

  2. Get invited.

  3. Respond.



“What is it like to Tour Nowhere?”


Aware of Beauty, Awake to Creativity (interactive co-creation with your no-self; YOUniverse), 


Allowing Inspiration, Intuition, and Imagination (the inner eyes of “I”), 


Releasing Resistance (dissolving attachment, and allowing for pure potentiality; the unknown)


kNOWing What You Are, HERE (present awareness of self-perception; remembering with/in creativity). 


Recognition of The eXperience (awake[n] in the dream state, imaginal realm of infinite creativity. 


“How did you, do you, get here Awareness?”.. How do you arrive in this or any moment? How do you arrive in a ‘night’ dream? How did you arrive into THIS Day/Dream?


The (231)

Big Sur


Costa Rica


*El Salvador


*the nowhere tour travel eXperience: $5000.00USD + expenses*

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