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The world will ask you who you are.

If you don’t know, the world will tell you. 

-Carl Jung

The nowhere tour is unlike other approaches and methodologies that tend to focus on the performance of actions; what you are doing, which can be more behavior based, and situational.

This is NOT that. We will be observing, through a process of compassionate self-inquiry, how you are being, with yourself, and how this influences your effectiveness, and your experiential feedback loops. At a very core level, we will look at what you are experiencing now & here, and when the need arises we will observe which "external" influences are keeping you where you no longer prefer to be. 

This experience is very simple, tho that is not to say, "Simple is easy." Simple is elegant; the ultimate form of sophistication. And, this is where we begin: Simply. We identify, clearly and directly, where you currently find yourself in your life experience. This is our starting point. We begin where you are now. And then, where we go from (t)here is almost entirely up to you.

There is not going to be a bunch of Coaching you about how to do something, or what you will be doing to achieve some goal...


Instead, we will be finding new transitions in self-understanding, and this creates transformation. We will chart the course for you to arrive in the most aware & highly functional way of being, and allow that way of being to create functional outcomes with ease, & in flow.


Change in society is of secondary importance. That will come about naturally, inevitably, when you, as a human being, bring about the change in yourself.”



It is at this point that many people begin thinking about whether this "guided tour eXperience" has been effective for others, and if it is going to be the right fit for them. They are seeking "social proof" to determine its ability to deliver upon its promise. They may even be thinking about how they might be viewed by others if they were to adventure into something previously unknown to them. This is fairly natural for most people. You are not most people.

Most people won't find themselves here, investigating whether they might want to take a life changing journey within themselves, and find out what they might actually experience if they applied themselves to their own life.

I invite you to initiate OnBoarding, and determine the value of this opportunity thru experiencing it first hand. And, then and only then, we'll determine whether you are ready for this, and this is on time for you. 

Begin by clicking, 

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