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Tour Dynamics

When you are on the nowhere tour, you will come to find that I guide only one; you, the one I'm with.

When we are moving thru the transitions that become transformation, together. You are in my thoughts. We are journeying together.

And, while all of this is created in fun, I will not be f*cking around. I will be guiding from full engagement. I will ask for you to agree to be equally ALL IN.

Be fully aware of these details before even considering making contact:

1. You don't NEED guidance. Nobody does. You want this guidance, because of how it serves you, creates shortcuts, delivers epiphanies, and inspires you to live to your fullest, while you move into more functional levels of sharing, first with yourself, and from there to/with others.

2. While I offer high value intensives that operate within very precise timelines most of my clients have been On Tour for years. They value the objectivity they are consistently provided, and we expand together as we move from one transitional plateau to the next; transforming, to where you too, can find yourself playing a more expanded game.

3. My guidance throughout the nowhere tour eXperience is offered annually for $24,000.00 USD. Should we determine that your unique circumstances are better served in a more compressed timeline, or what you need is more aligned with a specific destination eXperience, we can discuss what that looks like, and how that would work (ie: 90 day "Self Reclamation eXperience": $10,000.00 USD, or a 1/2 day (3hrs.) "Excavate & Recreate Session": $1500.00 USD).

The fee for your introduction call, "Getting Into It - The Conversation" (15mins) is $100.00 USD, nonrefundable, payable during onboarding/prep when you click "Let's Get Into It!" below.

4. Don't allow any of the above details to distract you from what this could mean for you... 

the NOWHERE TOUR is life changing


If you are feeling that this may be exactly what you didn't even know you could find, click below, and let's get into The Conversation...

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