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The immersive Guided Experience into REALITY NOW/HERE


Ride with The Guide

First, let's begin with a remarkable vehicle; a pedal powered beach chair, you might call a land kayak.

Then, let's transport ourselves thru a wonderland of enjoyments as we learn and share about Advanced Level Play in REALITY: NOW/HERE.


Air / Breathe.

Water / Hydrate.

Food / Nourish.

Exercise / FUN.

You'll be cruising into an experience of delights, where you'll be treating your senses to goodness, relieving yourself of unnecessary concern(s), AND re-encountering yourself anew; experientially. 


Some say it's, "The Ride of a Lifetime." 

Tasty Smoothie
Sit Down Poke

Advanced Play

Though you'll be riding in comfort, you will energize Respiration, which activates Inspiration.

"High Octane" inquiry and guidance fuel your Insider's Journey into the REALITY: NOW/HERE game, and how-to play for upgrades and enhancements.

A-Ha! moments are free bonuses.

Guided Land Kayak Touring is being offered to playfully discriminating adventurers who want to enhance their REALITY: NOW/HERE game play. Enjoy the guided experience this 2024 summer season from our Grand Traverse, MI, location.

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